CGIAR, CCAFS, Humidtropics and Sivin Communications launch free e-course on inclusive Participatory Video facilitation

Interested in using Participatory Video, but you don´t know how to do this? Want to know more about how to make Participatory Video a truly inclusive tool? The CGIAR Research Program on Integrated Systems for the Humid Tropics (Humidtropics) and the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture, and Food Security (CCAFS) have developed a freely accessible e-course, existing of 11 modules in which we take you through the different steps of preparing and conducting a PV workshop. Each module can be accessed separately, or all at once and each one ends with a small quiz.

Participatory Video is a powerful and crosscutting tool for knowledge sharing and (Agricultural)Research for Development on community level. It allows for community members of all genders, ages, educational backgrounds and ethnicities to learn how to use a video camera, how to design a storyboard and a script, how to interview and be interviewed and how to turn this material into a documentary on their topic of interest. This video can then be easily shared with other communities, but also with local, national or international governments and decision-makers. It can inspire other communities facing similar issues, or serve as a tool for empowerment.

Please subscribe to the course following this link:

Launch of free e-course on Participatory Video FacilitationThe Participatory Video Methodology Facilitator’s Course was inspired by Insightshare’s transparent and effective methodology, and Christine Jost and Nafissa Ferdous’s Gender Toolbox, which provided guidelines for the inclusion of a conscious and balanced gender lens and designed under the direction of Humidtropics’ CapDev unit and supported by the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) and the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI).

This course was adapted from the Participatory Video Methodology Facilitator’s Manual by Manon Koningstein and Shadi Azadegan, with the guidance and support of Iddo Dror, Rein van der Hoek, and Jennifer Twyman, and the enthusiastic participation of the community members of La Danta (Somotillo, Nicaragua) and the young women of Fundación Entre Mujeres (FEM) in Estelí, Nicaragua.

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