Participatory Video

Participatory Video (PV) is a participatory research tool that involves members of a community in creating their own video message. It is an ideal method for sharing ideas and learning, encouraging marginalized groups to identify their own needs and implement their own forms of sustainable development.

Using video as a tool, alternatives to mainstream modalities of expression are provided and this way those usually unheard are now facilitated to speak, be heard and be seen.

Furthermore does participatory videoy allow communities to define how they want to be represented to the outside world and to have control over that process, enabling them to maintain  ownership over their representation while moving beyond stereotypes and conveying a fuller picture of the issues, challenges, opportunities, aspirations and what it means to live in their community.

The community learns to use video technology, write their own story, interview leaders and neighbors, and tell their own story. The PV methodology collects local and/or indigenous knowledge on factors that impact the effectiveness of sustainable development interventions based on local needs.